Mega Sudoku


Complete, easy and intuitive to use Sudoku app. All sudoku puzzles are tested and guaranteed to have one and only one solution, they are real sudoku grids.  Games are saved and you can resume them later. Unfinished sudoku puzzles are listed in a graphical way and easy to find.

  • 100.000 sudoku grids to solve
  • All the solutions
  • Each sudoku grid has an unique solution
  • 3 levels: easy, medium, hard
  • 3 input methods: numpad, single number, popup
  • Unveil function to display solution
  • Resume function
  • Graphical list of the sudoku puzzles
  • No ads
  • Pencil button to fill in note
  • Auto-save
  • Total time spent on each puzzle
  • Undo function
  • Checkpoint undo function
  • Hints for solving (highlight wrong values, highlight completed numbers and count of each number)
  • Edit function to add your custom sudoku puzzle
  • No permissions required (your privacy is guaranteed)



Android app on Google Play


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